Alister/Buck // He/Him // 19

Hello and welcome to my website. This is a place where you will find pretty much any information you'll ever need from me. This includes my social media links and how to reach me, my commissions, and other general information. Please be aware though that I am not a professional coder, or web designer for that matter, so if things are not as polished as they probably should be I promise im working on it.


Discord: BUCK#3002 // Deviantart // Instagram // Twitter
Commissions: ASK // Trades: ASK // Requests: NEVER

Deviantart and TH are the best places to reach me. If you so choose to message me on discord though I do request that please message me on TH before you message me if it isnt an emergency. I tend to be fairly awkward when it comes to casually socializing with strangers so a heads up with always very much appricated. However, if you see someone breaking my tos, or have a very quick inqury you need answered right away, feel free to go straight to messaging me on discord and I will respond as soon as possible.

Social media links are in order from most to least used. My TH has some characters that are log-in only, so if you cant see them thats why. Almost all my art is posted there before anywhere else, in addition to new characters and adoptables. I am trying to post on Deviantart more, and post semi-often there, thought i check it everyday.